Why Choose Ecigs?

How Does the E Cigarette Compare with a Normal Cigarette

E cigarettes have been available for around ten years now with millions of people making the switch. They are designed to look, taste, act and fulfill the functions of a normal cigarette as much as they can – but do they make the grade?
The Weight of the E-Cig – E cigarettes do weigh slightly more than a normal cigarette which most users notice at first but it really doesn’t detract from their enjoyment. In fact they get used to it very quickly indeed. Many users start off with the most lightweight models and move on to heavier e cigarettes after a short period of time.
The Taste of the E Cigarette – taste is a very personal thing depends upon a number of factors. The taste of the e cig is dependent upon the brand of cigarettes you smoke and the flavor of electronic cigarette cartridge you buy. Many users start off with the traditional tobacco flavors before experimenting with some of the others. There are many variations available including water melon and bubble gum – there’s even a liquid which is flavored with pineapple rum and coconut.
The Way the E-Cig Hits Your Throat – this is the description of the effect you get when the smoke first hits the back of the throat. The amount of throat hit you can expect again depends upon the e cigarette you choose and the strength of the liquid. Some are naturally stronger than others so again it’s a matter of personal preference, trial and error.
E Cigarettes are the closest way a smoker can get to enjoy the traditional actions and enjoyment from smoking a tobacco cigarette without producing the harmful smoke which is not only annoying for the people in the vicinity but also potentially dangerous. The smoke from a tobacco cigarette lingers in the air and makes the hair, clothes and belongings of the user foul smelling and repugnant, particularly to non smokers.
Using an e cigarette does have many advantages including the fire risks involved. A frighteningly large number of home fires are started by lighted cigarette ends which are not distinguished properly before they are discarded. If they are dropped onto the floor covering, between cushions or other soft furnishings they can smolder for a long period of time before starting a deadly fire and putting all occupants of the property in real danger. E cigarettes don’t smoke, there’s no fire and so there’s no risk.