E Cig Review – Overview of Different Versions

E Cigs are a growing trend, both as a hobby in and of itself, a fashion accessory of sorts, and also a means to help stop smoking life risking standard cigarettes. With their rising popularity, the e cig market is flooding with new products all the time. For those just getting into them, it can be hard to know where to start. Let’s run down some of the basic different forms of e cigs and what they might be able to do for you. This will help you get the start that you need.

Rechargeable e cigs are easily among the very hottest versions right now. The batteries are reusable, meaning you ultimately save yourself a lot of money in the long run. You can’t beat that! The liquid nicotine cartridges are also replaceable, which is highly convenient. There are a lot of “starter kits” out there that use rechargeable e cigs, but you might want to opt for a better option.

Think to those guitar starter kits out there that are only 50 or 60 dollars with a guitar and all sorts of accessories. The guitars are always poor quality, and any “value pack” is generally the same. Those in the e cig field are certainly no different. If you are going the rechargeable route, take advantage of the eventual savings you will incur from the rechargeable batteries and the like to go ahead and splurge on a higher quality model. It will be much more satisfactory to use and it will hold up a lot longer in the end.

If you do no want to invest in rechargeable e cigs since those entail a bit of a commitment to start with, disposable e cigs might be the best bet for you. They are becoming incredibly widely available and they are a fairly cost effective way to at least dip your toe in and see if vaping is for you. Should you find that you enjoy using it, of course, you will want to get a reusable model soon enough so as to save yourself some money, but a single use of a disposable e cig certainly has its merits as far as giving you a taste of what to expect.

If you are using e cigs to curb a heavy smoking habit, the e Go style of electronic cigarette will be great for you. They have larger batteries that allow them to last for much longer, meaning you can have more access to them whenever a craving hits. This is incredibly convenient for helping you to get a bit healthier and kick the addiction to all of the nasty toxins in regular cigarettes.

These are only a few of the types of e cigs out there, but they serve the most common purposes of e cigs very well and will be a great starting point for you. E Go helps you with longer periods of use, disposables help you figure out if you will enjoy vaping to begin with, and rechargable e cigs are solid options if you know you are sticking with it and want to save money long term.

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